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If you are an on-premise licensee in Florida:   


There is a huge upside to having a trained staff.  When you hire staff to serve alcohol in your establishment, you are essentially giving them the keys to your business.   TiPS training can make your venue more profitable over time through increased customer satisfaction, stricter inventory control, fewer infractions, and decreased liability to you if a server makes a mistake.  

Why TiPS Training?  

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Protect Your Investment

Increased Customer Satisfaction

After training, your employees will be more comfortable when dealing with problem and underage customers.   Many times, customers are neglected because a bartender is dealing with an over-intoxicated guest.   TiPS training helps them stop the problem before it starts.  

Inventory Control

No one wins when your bartenders overpour.   During training, bartenders learn why they should always serve a measured shot.  This translates immediately to your bottom line.  


Fewer Underage Infractions

Florida levees strict penalties to the license holder when a minor is served in an establishment, starting with a $1000 fine and 7 day suspension of your license.  Can you afford to be out of business for a week?  


Lessened Liability

The Florida Responsible Vendor Act protects licensees when a server makes a mistake.   Among the requirements set forth by the state is a recognized Responsible Vendor Training program.  


In addition, a qualified Responsible Vendor Training program establishes due diligence in the event of a civil suit.  


TiPS is the most univesally accepted  program in the United States.   

The effects of the training include fewer sales of alcohol to underage persons, fewer DUI fatalities, and more successful compliance with state statutes. This training can be very beneficial in your efforts to employ and retain servers who are more professional, knowledgeable, and responsible when serving alcohol to patrons.


Besides making good business sense, training your staff is your ethical responsibility as a licensed seller of alcohol in your community.  

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