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Servers & Bartenders

What are the benefits of independent training?


In a perfect world, every bar or restaurant would arrange TiPS training for each employee.   There are many benefits of attending training on your own.  



Increased Confidence

During your TiPS training, you will gain the knowledge and confidence needed to make you better at your job.  


Increased Value

When you are TiPS certified, you are a better bartender.   As such, you are more attractive to potential employers.


Increased Earnings

Imagine how much time you could spend taking care of your other guests when you don't get bogged down with an over-intoxicated patron.   Better Service = Better Tips! 



If you're a seasoned pro or a someone new to the business, this training will help you succeed in the business of serving drinks.  




Watch this brief video for a preview of the TiPS program.  
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